Gambling Tips for Gamblers

Improve your gaming environment.

We tend to “glaze over”when looking at a computer screen. It is important to get into the habit of blinking regularly. However, you cannot blink without thinking about it. Glance away from the monitor every few minutes. Keep eye drops on your desk, avoid dry eye syndrome and ensure your screen is adjusted for the crispest image possible.

Watch your back/bones.Feel good by adopting this essential Pilates posture: Lengthen your trunk, lower your shoulders and focus on pulling your stomach in. The deeper your stomach “sinks” into your spine, the better off your back will be.

Let the light/air in.

You’ll feel the benefits in body and mind if you paint the walls of your house in lighter, brighter colors, put in skylights and keep curtains open. Indoor plants bring not only a natural and exotic atmosphere into your household, they also help to filter and purify the air. And looking after them is a stress-busting hobby.

Online Chat – Know the Lingo – Chat abbreviations

nh = nice hand
vnh = very nice hand
gg = good game
gp = good play (rare!)
lol = laugh out loud. Very common response to good humour from another player or mocking your own bad luck
raoflmho = rolling around on floor laughing my head off
wb = welcome back,especially when a Fish returns to the table from the online bank!
tx = thanks (especially after winning a big pot!)
tilt = I’m on a bad run or I’m playing badly
wtg = way to go. Congratulatory remark between players (rare!)
gtg = got to go
omg = oh my god. When a good hand loses to an even better one.Also known as a ‘bad beat’
hehe = cheeky acknowledgement of a lucky win

How are the odds created for the Casino games?

The odds for both real money and playing for fun modes are created by a random number generator, which comes from the casinos server. These odds are audited by a third party to ensure they are being created in a fair and random manner

Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings?

Paying taxes on your winnings depends upon the jurisdiction within which you reside.

Can I really win at these casinos?

You most definitely can and big! Most online casinos in South Africa have a higher payout than land based casinos, and give you sign up bonuses and regular freebies. If you play the progressive you can have access to some major winnings. Over US$100,000.00 jackpots is not uncommon, even if you play the standard slots some superb jackpots are available.